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Directing & Narrating Balanced Fashion towards Balanced Culture

Welcome to the Balanced Culture, the multidimensional media DAO organization at the intersection of edutainment, trade, technology, consciousness and love. Yes, love. Because love is the source of the ultimate Truth and my life’s mission is to search for and curate the voices of Truth, weave them into a new kind of language and share this synthesis with the audience who are ready to receive this future-defining work.

We have finally arrived. The 2020/21 transformative & deeply experimental experiences made me step into my curatorial power, no-bs approach to communications and redefine the nature of my work in the world…

Digital fashion is not here to stay, it is here to inspire, entertain and transform our culture towards a more balanced state and influence + support the shift of the physical layer of our complex industry towards Balanced Fashion. Below you will find the proof of the fact that the ecosystem and its key trailblazers are about to be ready for the greatest transformation the industry has experienced since the invention of Shirtwaist in 1890s.

Here is the original article with the collection of all the images, which I did not feature here on Medium for the sake of deeper curation.

Here is a link to our Balanced Culture work, that we have collected so far.

NOW, to the PIECE.

FINALLY, it is time to publish this digital art piece that this guide is intended to be. I feel beyond happy you are tuning in! This megalithic piece of literature has been brewing for a while. In parallel, I also wrote a gigantic meta article on the FALL of Digital Fashion which I will publish…

Dear Friends,

We know it has been a while since our last one. We intentionally lost ourselves on Clubhouse & to deepen our research work.

At this time, we are choosing to be even braver than before and clearly state our position on the current world events.

We believe that we as a Humanity have been fooled and misled for years and years now, especially in the past year and a half, where falling old paradigm authorities are spreading fear of death and imposing lockdowns and measures beyond the frequency of language we wish to utilize here on this…

Dear Friend,

HAPPY NEW BALANCED FASHION NEWSLETTER and the new year 2021 that we’ve all been waiting for so long.

It’s been almost a year since I pressed send on the last email for this epic audience of innovators and thought leaders in the creative tech field. It feels weird to admit that it’s been so long, considering that for the past 5+ years this newsletter has been the most consistent way of showing up for the conscious fashion tech world which I’m so deeply passionate about. …

Let’s start with the traditional tech startup pitch development approach:

  1. Problem: There are no safe alternative social media spaces that are driven by visuals and based on blockchain technology that feel nice and welcoming and painless to use for non-techy individuals.
  2. Solution: Free and safe, non-monitored and non-advertising driven creative expression platform that unites artists, content creators, teachers, practitioners, impact-driven businesses and throughout leaders
  3. Market Opportunity: People are waking up to the fact that common social media is not a safe place to share deepest Truth and looking for alternatives to build network power and audience that is loyal, who…

May 7, 2020

Meeting with my Fashion Crew these days during the fashion revolution week and realizing how fucked up the industry is at this point. We are now ready to face the facts. We are in the uncharted territory and it upon us to decide which direction we want to take this massive chunk of Global economy. It’s now all about finding that fine balance, learning that dynamic dance between solidarity/ethics, technology innovation and creative entertainment.

When Fashion Becomes Nothing and Everything at the Same Time.

Non-linear thinking will bring us to places we’ve never been able to imagine…

As of May 20, 2020

Hi Friends!

Here we are, the Times we Have All been Waiting for — we can freely co-create from 2030 and beyond and prepare ourselves for this deep built times of the next decade.

The fact that we are staying in our houses at the moment and taking deep care of ourselves sets a good ground base for us to move forward in a more energy-efficient way where most of our work has been done pre-2020 and now we are truly here to enjoy the ride and focus on the Bigger Picture we are co-collecting…

April 24, 2020

Here we are, THE YEARS OF DEEP SYSTEMS transFORMation are 2020–2022, and up until 2030+, we will be on a variety of transformative new life journeys of Humanity’s Collective Evolution.

No more fashion weeks. As people are dying and many more may die as the Earth cleans itself. As we’re entering a deep systems collapse stage — especially in September… We would advise not to follow any traditional media, fashion trends that are artificially created, fear-driven mass culture seeding hype — or our trust may go down significantly when the world basically crushes in front of our…

Join Us on to Co-Create From 2030

By 2030 we are in the harmonious reality that we have synchronistically woven by sharing individuals’ and collective TRANSPARENT NEW LIFE stories & facilitated impactful human connections that powered up the creation of a conscious, harmonious, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Co-create a dynamically BALANCED HUMANITY by synthesizing human resources and technologies in a way that helps individuals and companies navigate through their own natural creative unfolding process and inspire synchronistic connections based on shared values, visions, skills and life paths for mutual support, collaboration & companionship…

Dear Friend,

I’m back from newsletter hibernation.

Here’s a whole Medium Post I wrote with a detailed report pointing to why I haven’t sent out this email in the past 2 (!!!) months, even though this newsletter has been the most consistent thing I’ve done since early 2016.

It’s time for transformation. This email has always been transforming along with me, I’ve never had anyone but myself send it out, even though I’ve had community members help me bring the curated lists together. The time has come for me to tell you the truth: I don’t enjoy emails any more…

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