May 7, 2020

Meeting with my Fashion Crew these days during the fashion revolution week and realizing how fucked up the industry is at this point. We are now ready to face the facts. We are in the uncharted territory and it upon us to decide which direction we want to take this massive chunk of Global economy. It’s now all about finding that fine balance, learning that dynamic dance between solidarity/ethics, technology innovation and creative entertainment.

When Fashion Becomes Nothing and Everything at the Same Time.

Non-linear thinking will bring us to places we’ve never been able to imagine before.

Collective visualization is the key part of the co-creation process fashion essentially is.

We are living in the era of crystallization of the new, brand new reality for ourselves to to peacefully live our transformed, healthy and happy lives — lives full of love, laughter, human contact & deep soul connection with our tribes.

We are on the verge of the collective spiritual transformation as a Humanity. We are becoming so much more conscious about what we consume and how we consume. That includes information, entertainment, food, fashion, other consumer goods, also how we consume our own energy and energy of those around us. With the collective isolation, we are invited to slow down externally and speed up internally. Our on point inner transformation is the key to our collective success as a Humanity.

Zooming back into fashion. Why Fashion, why now? Because fashion is the largest canvas for us to paint our truest expression, after our skin. It’s our second skin that allows us to stay protected from external forces — both physical and spiritual. I’ve been mentioning the topic of the energy of fashion for years now, and finally, it’s only now becoming something that is collectively acceptable to start speaking about. We are weaving the new language for conscious expression and at these times of linguistic transition into a more non-linear and symbol-based language we are challenged to learn to communicate on the most authentic, raw and real level — where all the dirtiest work needs to be done, because in my experience, relationships — not work, money or even health — relationships may bring the biggest pain to our nervous system, and thus affect our body in a way that a virus may affect it. Here’s the key: heal your relationship with Self, establish your relationship with your closed ones, and build your relationship with Humanity — all simultaneously. Like in astrology, the zodiac & planetary wheel is a canvas for all energies existing in the universe to play together, in a divinely synchronized way. The same way humanity is influenced by the individuals' unique paths as well as the external programming factors that were engrained in our psyche since the beginning of times.

From the nature of reality, back to fashion, again. You see now, how fashion is a piece of burning man dust, that does create the vibe, but only in its collective coherence form. A schoolgirl who is dressed like a sexy Moon queen while everyone else is dressed in ordinary school uniforms will cause a lot of wonder and attention to her until she will reveal her 3D Self and points at the impact the outfit and accessories play a significant role in the establishment of power and influence for the collective. (and yes, I’m referencing Sailor Moon — I learned the power of short skirts and crystals back in my kindergarten years)

Fashion is a message. A calling for Transformation. An invitation to play in co-creation. Fashion is an advertisement screen for our values. Fashion is a game we love to hate and hate to love. Fashion is magic if we say so. As an industry, we have more power than any other to make a true Difference and Showcase the world what’s possible and how fast. We are an extremely fast-paced industry and we had years to learn to adapt to new technology innovations, globalization, and ever more challenging consumer demands. Now that the consumer is going through a clearing process collective, it’s important to come to a FULL REALIZATION as industry professionals that we are never going to be coming to the same world once we’re out of this Collective birthing canal.

Energy of Fashion

Back to the story of the above garment. At some point after being merchandised by the store staff, touched and perhaps tried on by several customers, it gets purchased by a specific human, let’s call them Sam. Sam buys that garment because of necessity or because of emotional attraction to that piece — hot it looks, how it sits on one’s body, how it feels, what’s the brand, what is the dominant color, what is the quality of the fabric, and finally and never least important — what's the price of the garment. The purchase — whatever the cost is — seals the emotional connection with that customer and now holds a specific energetic influence on the garment. Sam hangs this garment in their closet until the time comes to wear it. Every single time Sam wears that garment, this piece collects energy in form of emotion attached to each event experienced while wearing that garment. Think of a wedding dress and see how much emotion is attached to a traditional white dress a woman wears during a ceremony of celebrating love. That’s a whole lot of emotional charge right there in a single dress.

For any other garment that is “socially acceptable” to re-wear, the story of this piece becomes multi-faceted and layered, more and more charged and complex as more memories are being experienced by Sam while wearing that garment in different situations in their life. The garment becomes part of the History, part of the bigger story about who Sam is and what they’ve gone through. If Sam one day becomes a public figure and reaches a certain level of collective influence, the garments they wear become even more charged by the elements of mental data around that garment as the audience’s perception of that outfit worn by Sam becomes an additional layer of attached energy. Sam might never even contemplate on or find out what stories the audience make up in their minds while seeing them wearing that garment. At some point in time, a garment becomes “too charged”. When wearing that piece would remind Sam so much of the past that would affect their mental and emotional state to the point where it becomes disturbing — even the idea of that particular look becomes trivial. It’s like Steve Job’s signature jeans and black turtleneck — it became a cultural icon, associated specifically with the mastermind behind Apple.

The conscious leaders these days play a lot with an idea of the energy of garments. We are enquiring about the origin of the item, the ethics around handling it down the supply chain, just like they would care about the origins of their food. Clothing is the information we intake and project daily — no matter what, unless, of course, we live in a society where it’s socially acceptable not to wear clothes. If that’s such a powerful tool for our external and internal communication — a garment can literally charge us up emotionally and help us mentally focus on our power — why not direct fashion industry towards a Greater Change than creating another “sustainable” fashion brand that no-one truly cares about at this point? Personally, I choose to daily vote for the fashion reality I’d ideally like to live in by consuming fashion consciously and intentionally, seeing it more as a tool to express my values as opposed to mindlessly follow trends that were ignited years ago by humans that didn’t know better.

Energy of Brands

No matter if you have 2–3 people in your immediate network, or if you have hundreds of people around you — you are INFLUENCING reality of others and their perception of you by wearing garments you choose to wear. Labels have always been a symbol of status and at some point in fashion history designer brands names would scream louder energetically then garments themselves — for example, that Givenchy’s little black dress becomes so iconic that the Givenchy brand is associated majorly with Audrey Hepburn wearing that dress in Breakfast At Tiffany’s along with long sleeves, up-do, a tiara, large glasses, and a pearl necklace. The amount of energetic charge in the form of attention of the audience directed towards that outfit goes beyond the brand — it becomes part of the History books about fashion’s key iconic pieces that shaped history.

Now think logo tee’s craze in the early 2000s. I still clearly remember how desirable were certain brands in my teenage years growing up in early capitalist Moscow. These popular brands we all know from the peak 90s and early 2000s we now perceive as legacy brands first and foremost. Those that carry historical significance beyond my influence, so that each garment ever produced becomes a museum-worthy piece after a certain period of time, as the brand proves its dedication to the craft of quality garment-making.

Fast fashion brands are a different story — because the whole idea of brand perception is being democratized as if it becomes a blank label for the personality to take the lead via choosing a specific garment out of the wide range of merchandise offering from the fast-fashion retailers from the past. Today, we are on the verge of technical evolution in lab-grown fabrics, production automatization, drone deliveries, and other technologies that are driving our industry towards a complete renovation in the years ahead. Mass-produced brands become a commodity like food — a garment bought, used several times, and possibly thrown away in compost to biodegrade after it becomes non-relevant or overcharged energetically. Brands are now going to be producing on-demand only. No more bullshit old fashion industry stories that have been ruining our Planet until these days.

Circularity as a Default State of Operations

Nothing is wasted, everything is reused, rented, swapped, re-sold, mended, upcycled, re-created, re-cycled. Many fabrics are still not recyclable and the whole recycling process is a beast of its own the industry is terrified to dive into. It’s sort of an inconvenient truth that has to come through to all fashion professionals psyche to avoid choosing “recycled” polyester blend. Greenwashing in 2020 is like laughing at a funeral — no more lies. The customer feels and knows more than ever and brands and retailers becoming centers for entertainment, spirit upliftment, and connection with like-minded humans.

Digitalization of fashion

A digital garment is a piece of code, a design that is visualized on the screen as if it’s a photography of a video capture of that garment, whether on an avatar model or modeless.

New York is Dead. For now…

Fashion is over. Forever…

Why are we still talking about it? Because we CARE and LOVE the communities we’ve built with our influence as we have been training ourselves to create new realities as an industry.

Now, brands, retailers, and well backed up fashion tech startups are becoming EDUTAINMENT as a bridge to something completely new to be created that we are all co-creating in the conscious fashion tech space. Join us on our collective journey of killing fashion on Balanced Fashion. So much to be unfolded. Join to become part of the History now.

Photos from my first NY Fashion Week experience in 2007 when I got my fashion show invite via Craigslist to get to feel what it’s like to be “in the middle of it all”. Little that I knew how toxic that industry was to become for me…

While New York laundromats are closed, the deep Collective laundry process is unfolding. This is not a drill. And the deep tissue washing will take some time… so get used to living with less and slowing down more. Time for grounded and precise, clear, and firm intention-powered action. No time to play any longer. It’s a chop-chop time of the collective awakening and healing some of the deepest universal collective traumas — faster we can imagine.

And for the sake of Humanity’s evolution — stop escaping and thinking “it’s gonna get back to normal” and/or “soon”. It won’t. Wake up already.

Side Note: Doing my own laundry with my own hands in the past weeks has been one of the most therapeutic activities.

The more I write about the future of Fashion, the more I see it as a history of culture first and foremost. In every history class back in elementary school, I enjoyed the “culture & costumes” chapters the most and was frankly terrified of the infinite wars chapters. Now I made it my mission to write history books of the future. It’s fun to be a psychic fashion business consultant at times like these because aesthetics shape culture and culture shapes history. Wishing more people understood my point of view today and not in 2+ years. People who strategize retail from the same perspective and utilize the same way of old school academic thinking (or even, God forbid, corporate/capitalist thinking….) — trying to mimic what we’ve been going through in the past — all these ideas will be stuck due to lack of progress and will eventually fail and affect our Planet even harder. It’s time to let the old systems of the fashion industry and the old ideas of consumption collapse and welcome in the new and mystical and faaaar more creative way of seeing fashion as a tool for The Greater Change. Think #tokenization, #edutainment, #tribalism, #digitaltrading & #hyperlocaltrading. And circularity is not even an option anymore. I can’t believe that so many people in our industry still believe that things will somewhat get back to normal. If that happens, we will see even a GREATER SYSTEM COLLAPSE affecting even more people… My process of quitting fashion has been longer than anticipated, but I trust it’s for the Greater Good. Please know I’m only a doll, a model, an avatar when it comes to #fashiontalk. It’s all a huge cosmic joke to me. The industry is obviously failing, like all other capitalist systems focused on “take, take, take” mentality. That’s ending abruptly. And there’s no way back.

If you are curious about what’s up with my Balanced Fashion side — it’s still alive and striving more than ever — now via LIVES on Instagram and gaining power on In the past years after quitting Matrix and releasing clients that didn’t align with the CORE VALUES we’ve been deeply in research and development mode, continuing to build our open source database (now has it), create shortlists, report on important news, write exploratory articles, host events in New York, Barcelona, Berlin and Moscow + Global online meetings with a single purple of sharing authentic voices and connecting the most innovative thought leaders & teams in the industry. Now the toddler is transforming into a kid so to speak… It’s been 3 years since the business has been in operation in one form or another, yet this spring I felt like it was re-opened as it firmly re-established its Voice in the Fashion Innovation Arena. It feels the whole industry is finally about to be ready to comprehend the values behind Balanced Fashion that I established 3 years ago: dynamically re-balancing the state of fashion into the flow of unconditional love and freedom of creation, held by the dynamic structures from our collective past experience. We are waking each other home.

Invitation to the following action steps to dive deeper with me:

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More Free thoughts form May 7, 2020:


Springtime full on — I feel so fresh, crisp, ready to rock and roll and make energetic babies in a form of art, intelligent beauty, sexy tech applications, and money.




Feels like only the toughest and coolest New Yorkers are out — badass essential workers commuting from all boroughs to Manhattan to work in healthcare, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies… Locals are walking around slowly, waiting in lines and flexing their chosen aesthetics. The attitude of solidarity and respect are prevailing. I’m very grateful to be in this city at these times, we are so strong together. We are so in line with New York’s spirit of “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.

Yet there’s this deep pain and gentleness in the air. Feeling of disconnection and connection at the same time, collective knowing that we’re in the Era of the Great Unknown. Understanding that nothing is a permanent and calming feeling of deep slowing down and going in.

I’ve personally connected with several people today in a local grocery shop and pharmacy and after expressing deep gratitude towards their work and unshakable dedication, I asked them very simple questions: 1. How are you feeling? 2. Where do you commute from? 3. What you’d rather be doing and where? 4. The type of mast you’re wearing — yay or nay and why?

The answers I received actually got me to the conclusion that everyone is exactly where we are supposed to be, and that’s the beauty of this Time.


Please eat clean, meditate, move and connect with each other deeply. Be with each other.

The “strongest” ones are suffering the most. Believe me I know.

Redistribution of the FLOW of income to come in the next few months, while so many systems are crumbling. Lucky? YES if you see FAR & WIDE enough. We are worth what we THINK WE ARE. The picture of the WOKE world is clear when we recognize ourselves stripped of egos. Now that you are online that way and watched documentaries like The Twelve and follow the reality we are weaving with tribe — remember to come back to your highest excitement, claim your hourly value and stick to it or above. Continue trusting. Until we won’t need the money in the form we’ve always known it. Everything is changing…..

We are collectively on a technical break. Recharging. Transitioning dimensions. Integrating into the NEW. Quantum communications mastery time. Vulnerability opportunities abundance. We can do it. Fun times are here if we choose to see them that way. I’m having a lot of fun. Give me more orange color vibes. I’ll filter purple on it and we’ll be in unconditional love state co-creating magic together. It’s all about quantum work. Precise and direct. Thank you Kjartan Rumpsfeld & Vector Newman for continuing to expand my boundaries with me even when the times are so rough and overly exciting.

We commit to building New Life together in Balanced Humanity.

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