Jun 17, 2021

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Balanced Fashion leading towards Balanced Culture: News Curation, June 2021 Edition

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Technology as a tool to facilitate the Shift. Mostly Blockchain news, that is how it is…

  • Cartier, Prada Link Up with LVMH in Blockchain Alliance — BoF
  • Meet Queen Of Raw, The Blockchain-Powered Marketplace Turning Textile Deadstock Into Dollars — Green Queen
  • How Will Web 3.0 Transform the Industry? — WWD
  • Luxury Meets Crypto — Medium
  • Can Digitization Help Fashion Bridge Its Online And Offline Customer Relationships? — The Interline
  • A CDN For Fashion: The Asset-First Approach To Production — The Interline
  • From Render To Real: Delivering On The Promise Of Digital Design To On-Demand Production — The Interline
  • Blockchain-Driven Sustainability Platform Unveiled by U.N. Agency — WWD
  • Digitalising The Supply Chain — How Technology Is Becoming An Enabler For Change — The Interline
  • The break-out tech start-ups innovating across the fashion & retail industry. — The Lead
  • How neural networks learn to predict your body measurements: Part I — ZyseMe Medium
  • Transforming the fashion industry into a circular model: how are brands creating change? — Fashion United
  • Relaunt infomercial, we accept and stay educated on blockchain-powered circular-focused partners.*

Questionable themes (including overly hyped up digital fashion) which we thought were cool in the past, but now they feel like an old life.

  • Everyone from Gucci to Louis Vuitton is betting big on digital fashion. Here’s why they should proceed with caution — Fast Company
  • The Limits of Virtual Fashion — BoF
  • Is the LVMH consortium’s Aura ‘the first global luxury blockchain’ open to hacking? — Fad Magazine
  • The Metaverse Will Radically Change Retail — BoF
  • AI is blurring the lines between in-store retail and ecommerce — Techwire
  • Virtual Fashion Platform RTFKT Studios Announces $8 Million Funding Round — BoF
  • What the NFT Gold Rush Means for Fashion — BoF
  • Virtual sneakers for 10,000 dollars? An exhibition gathers digital fashion pioneers — Fashion United
  • What Are NFTs, Why Should Fashion Care and Will This Bubble Burst? — WWD
  • What Gaming, Virtual Fashion Can Teach Real-Life Fashion About Tech — WWD
  • Luxury’s Battle For The Metaverse — Jing Daily
  • Will Gucci’s Digital Bag Disrupt Luxury? — Jing Daily
  • Defining The Metaverse Today — Forbes
  • H&M Unveils Virtual ‘Billion Dollar Collection’ Of Sustainable Fashion Solutions — Green Queen
  • What Will It Take For Fashion To Truly Embrace Digital? — The Interline
  • AR smartglasses in 2021: the devices, apps and new tech coming — Wearable
  • Burberry Gets Into the NFT Game — WWD
  • In Manufacturing, The Only Certainty Is Uncertainty — The Interline
  • The Real Solution For Returns: Mass Tailoring — The Interline
  • Artisant just launched, and noone wrote about it yet so here are the words dedicated to our friends NFT digital fashion marketplace by the visionary behind the OG in the digital fashion space, Replicant’s Regina Turbina.

Responsibility to take care of our home, Planet Earth

  • It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room: Can the fashion industry keep growing indefinitely? — New Standard Institute
  • Maxine Bédat Unravels The Lies Of Greenwashing — Elle
  • Can transparency become a consistent measurable standard? — The Spin Off
  • No, Closet Cleaning Isn’t Inherently Sustainable — The Zoe Report
  • How digital authentication could drive a resale revolution for fashion — World Economic Forum
  • Op-Ed | Who Pays for Sustainability? — Business of Fashion
  • What is your fashion utopia? — Fashion Revolution
  • Fashion Industry Advancing Transparency, Circularity — Thread by Thread — Sustainable Brands
  • 9 Plant-Based Fashion Materials That Help Farmers and Rural Communities — Ecocult
  • Get Rich Selling Used Fashion Online — or Cry Trying — Wired
  • After a virtual Gucci bag sold for over $4,000, more than a real one, VC Alexis Ohanian predicts virtual fashion will be huge. Gucci and Atari agree. — Insider
  • The Challenges of Labelling Sustainability — BoF
  • Five Things Brands Need To Know About NFTs — Forbes
  • Brands Are Claiming That They Are Not Sustainable. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing — Refinery 29
  • The big global greenwashing crackdown — Vogue Business
  • It takes 15 gallons of water to distress a pair of jeans. Uniqlo is trying to change that — Fast Company
  • From “Recycled” to “Green,” Consumers are Being Influenced by Marketers’ Sustainability Buzzwords — The Fashion Law
  • What If I Am Too Poor to Care About Who Made My Clothes? — Eco Warrior Princess
  • Could Food-Style Labels On Our Clothes Help Us Make Greener Choices? — Vogue UK
  • Maxine Bédat Urges the Fashion Industry to Make a Change Now, Not in 2030 — Vogue US
  • The Sustainability Regulations That Could Reshape the Fashion Industry — BoF
  • How protesters defied the G7 summit with a weekend of civil disobedience — Dazed

Reports that made us envision what else is possible

  • 14 Trailblazing Innovators Make Fashion for Good’s 8th Batch In Their Global Programme — Fashion for Good
  • The Future Of Fashion: From Design To Merchandising, How Tech Is Reshaping The Industry — CBI insight report

Shaping Balanced (or in some cases unBalanced? Our choice.) Culture.

  • Balenciaga just staged a deep-fake SS22 fashion show — i-D
  • Depop — Opening the hearts and wardrobes of Gen Z — Medium
  • Is this ‘third eye’ the future for our smartphone-addicted selves? — Dazed
  • Netflix Launches Online Store to Offer Limited-Edition Merchandise — BoF
  • The Fabricant designs gender-fluid digital clothes informed by the Renaissance — Dezeen
  • How Sustainable Fashion Is Finally Becoming Less Elitist — Bustle
  • Why the Next Part of the Sustainable Fashion Conversation Will Be About Racial Justice — Vanity Fair
  • ‘The customer values rarity’: Streetwear’s exclusivity moves far beyond sneakers — Glossy
  • CSM’s 2021 fashion grads delivered a sharp jolt of catwalk joy — Dazed
  • Young Creators Are Burning Out and Breaking Down — NY Times
  • Why Sailor Moon’s forward-facing fashion will never go out of style — Dazed

Totally Missing the Mark

  • Facebook Helps Zara Owner Sell Clothes Using Video Games — Business of Fashion
  • Why Investors Are Betting on Lyst — Business of Fashion
  • What the NFT Gold Rush Means for Fashion — Business of Fashion
  • Rethinking the Multi-Brand — Vogue Business
  • Digital Storytelling Evolves: Eco-Innovators Pangaia Push The Envelope For Online Immersion — Forbes
  • AnamXR™ x PANGAIA | FLWRDWN™ Lite Immersive Game
  • The Future of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later — BoF
  • The Metaverse: A brave, new (virtual) world — Medium
  • The fast fashion wars go mobile: How apps like Shein and Blushmark are challenging H&M and Zara — Modern Retail
  • The Search for the Next Shein — BoF
  • Fintech giant Klarna raises $639M at a $45.6B valuation amid ‘massive momentum’ in the US — Tech Crunch
  • Half of fast fashion made of new plastics, finds report — BBC
  • Shein: The TikTok of Ecommerce — Not Boring

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