Fashion is DEAD. Long Live New Fashion.

April 24, 2020

Here we are, THE YEARS OF DEEP SYSTEMS transFORMation are 2020–2022, and up until 2030+, we will be on a variety of transformative new life journeys of Humanity’s Collective Evolution.

No more fashion weeks. As people are dying and many more may die as the Earth cleans itself. As we’re entering a deep systems collapse stage — especially in September… We would advise not to follow any traditional media, fashion trends that are artificially created, fear-driven mass culture seeding hype — or our trust may go down significantly when the world basically crushes in front of our eyes in Fall 2020. We have to be prepared with a healthy number of woke collective for that significant time of deeper Transition and guide localized communities to be able to support each other in physical, outside digital/4D — once united and recognized each other on the #newlifeai platform. Fashion Weeks & traditional fashion systems are now forever expired concepts and the digital layer is a transitory consumer-driven emotional satisfaction and entertainment layer. We are going to have hyper-localized, decentralized experiences and global experiences led by the core community of Thought Leaders in Fashion Industry’s restructuring & Circularity and Digital innovators. The seasons will stay purely due to Nature’s weather shifts and Traditional fashion capitals are becoming localized centers for in-person gatherings that empower local economies, spiked with a Globally accessible digital layer. As the Industry dismantles deeper, manufacturing facilities are becoming robotized spaces for utility garment production & scientific innovation as well as educational centers & museums. The whole concept of fashion is shifting like never before, as we are becoming more digitally tribalized, micro trends are emerging and weaving between each other, hyper local influencers rule the collective aesthetical consciousness and designers will have their own collections drop flow — as a combination of on-demand answer to community’s most current needs & natural creative flow of creators. Retailers are transitioning to become experiencial education and entertainment centers, curators of products & brands’ communities. I believe Newlife is not a place to discover fashion as we know it traditionally, but a place to redesign what it means to be a fashion brand in 2020 and beyond.

It’s interesting to see how many refuse to see the DEPTH of the collapse of the system that is unfolding. If we don’t change the way we think about politics, economies, industries, businesses and family units, we collapse harder. When I attend 4–6 zoom meetings and tune in to many, many live conversations a day, I notice SO MUCH fragmentation that is happening across the US & Globe due to the forced isolation. All we do is talk but don’t listen to diverse voices at all. We think it’s our “break time”, while actually it’s a preparation time for a tougher hit(s) to come. If we get our act together and stop forcing the old paradigm’s patterns and expired ways of doing things this whole process will be even more dramatic and painful to all — I know it’s difficult to imagine but living in the middle of it all in Manhattan gives me a lot of insight of what’s actually happening in the big cities where offices and all public spaces are ghost towns without an end in sight and the streets are filled with homeless people begging for help the privileged younger new yorkers flashing their masks aesthetics while shopping organic groceries. Food supplies are being cut in an accelerated rate. The worst times in terms of the food supply is yet to come on a global scale. Let’s not feed that timeline, but that’s the timeline we’re on right now. Many in the conscious communities are fasting and inviting everyone to start forming local communities to supply groceries directly from the Land nearby. I’m currently putting together a download on the future of the fashion industry’s 360 picture — from a grassroots approach to localization of production & trade to globalized digital perspective — all written from the year 2030. If we don’t create and combine our visions to form the Unified perspective of the future of the world as One Unified Nation living the New Life, we are fucked.

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