My Latest New Life Story in several clear words & MANY Screenshots

Let’s start with the traditional tech startup pitch development approach:

  1. Problem: There are no safe alternative social media spaces that are driven by visuals and based on blockchain technology that feel nice and welcoming and painless to use for non-techy individuals.
  2. Solution: Free and safe, non-monitored and non-advertising driven creative expression platform that unites artists, content creators, teachers, practitioners, impact-driven businesses and throughout leaders
  3. Market Opportunity: People are waking up to the fact that common social media is not a safe place to share deepest Truth and looking for alternatives to build network power and audience that is loyal, who appreciates deeper truth and spiritual development as a tool for wellbeing.

We are living in times of heavily monitored social media and highly manipulated by the government media. The alternative spaces for connection and discovery are relevant like never before.

The fashion industry is never going to be the same. Physical store are closed and many won’t be reopened ever again, there is a mass transition to fully online business operations for retailers and brands, there is no way back for now. Balanced Fashion is now a future-forecasting agency where we SPEAK and ACT from 2030s and share our work on our Instagram page and

We all have experienced it before — you go to one website or platform — and you FEEL NICE. You go to another one — you feel shitty like you’re self-harming as you’re staring and interacting at that set of boxes. We know how it feels to come back to the computer work after a weekend of playing in nature and going to art museums and theaters — in other words, engaging in physical activities in physical spaces: it feels miserable. It feels like we’re limiting ourselves to the degree of machines, while the whole life unfolds outside of this screen.

And imagine/remember how it feels to get your eyes out of the computer screen by the end of the day and come back from the life outside the rectangles, squares and words and for some of the luckies ones, images on the screen. It feels so nice to lock eyes with humans we love and connect with them in physical after a long day of computer work.

My whole professional life I’ve been working with computers — since I chose a career in business, and later in technology. Yes, in the fashion industry, yet behind the scenes, on the operational/sales/merchandise planning side of it — not the physical fashion creation part of it. So here I am — a fashion/aesthetics person in tech now. With a deep inclination to all things mystical and supernatural.

I feel the energy of tech and can see right through your code into your soul. Now how does it feel to be Seen so Deeply? Overwhelming, I know.

I invite you to dive deeper with us and enjoy the journey of embodying your Most Authentic Self at every moment of our New Life.


Screenshots of Nataliya’s New Life Profile as of June 24 2020

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