Jun 26, 2020

4 min read

My Latest New Life Story in several clear words & MANY Screenshots

Let’s start with the traditional tech startup pitch development approach:

  1. Problem: There are no safe alternative social media spaces that are driven by visuals and based on blockchain technology that feel nice and welcoming and painless to use for non-techy individuals.
  2. Solution: Free and safe, non-monitored and non-advertising driven creative expression platform that unites artists, content creators, teachers, practitioners, impact-driven businesses and throughout leaders
  3. Market Opportunity: People are waking up to the fact that common social media is not a safe place to share deepest Truth and looking for alternatives to build network power and audience that is loyal, who appreciates deeper truth and spiritual development as a tool for wellbeing.

Balanced Fashion 2.0

Balanced Humanity & Energy of Tech — where spiritual awakening healing is integrated into the sexy tech platform is.

Screenshots of Nataliya’s New Life Profile as of June 24 2020