As of May 20, 2020

Hi Friends!

Here we are, the Times we Have All been Waiting for — we can freely co-create from 2030 and beyond and prepare ourselves for this deep built times of the next decade.

The fact that we are staying in our houses at the moment and taking deep care of ourselves sets a good ground base for us to move forward in a more energy-efficient way where most of our work has been done pre-2020 and now we are truly here to enjoy the ride and focus on the Bigger Picture we are co-collecting as we bring together pieces of memories that we remember from 2030 and learn to cooperate with each other in a completely different way, where we are fully aware of our emotional, mental, physical and energetic state and act from our Deepest Center, our Deepest Truth, our Most Authentic Being.

As we are deeper remembering ourselves especially during this transitional period of time, we are allowing more self love in, remembering our superpowers, and clearly seeing how we are co-weaving our stories together that make easier for us to stay connected and co-create without any unnecessary effort.

The Feminine is leading the way by being and acting from the balanced state of intuitive knowing and the Masculine follows with curiosity powered by the spirit of adventure.

Let’s keep diving!

Also, aren’t we all need a little less screen time in our lives? YEP.

DM for any feedback, I’m open to hear it from YOU.

DM for 1:1 reflection session, I’m here for you — that’s why this private thread exists — you’re here because I want to be your spiritual deep dive support & navigation system!

Throwing links here to my current public placements where I share all kinds of explorative work from the 2030 POV and capture significant, quantum moments of Deep Truth:


Directing & Narrating Balanced Fashion towards Balanced Culture