Dec 26, 2021

26 min read

Our Conscious Crypto Future

My lovely loves. This is the article of the era, ok. Get ready for a ride with me, breaking the current crypto narrative!

Look, love I made 90 dirty fiat in like 3 months…while invested thousands of it to support our Balanced Culture Fund. This math does not add up. I am not happy how the tech is treating our crypto these days.
  • I do NOT own a crypto wallet. I just do not, ok stop judging me for that if you are also a crypto native. Tired of explaining myself… I tried just to user test it when NFTs were still hot in Spring 2021, but it felt like too much left brain robotic screen work to me at that point and excuse me, I do know how to create one and use it, I understand the benefits of it, I am simply not interested in engaging more in crypto world than I already did. Read more below.
  • I loaded some money on Binance exchange just to test it and hodl some hyped up cryptos and probably have at least several K hodled up on there, but honestly I have no idea where my seed phrase is saved at. Really. I encrypted it for myself the way that only I can un-encrypt and it will take me much effort, patience and time to do that, so for now I honestly do not give a fuck, I really do not. Maybe I should. I would rather make that money up with a couple of my psychic readings with clients who actually need that type of help to be honest than bother getting to that beast of an extra user unfriendly tech to gain access to those whatever K funds.
  • I think I opened an account somewhere else but I forgot where and have it written in one of the notebooks I did not look at for like a year. So… yep. Too much effort, guys, ok.
  • Transferred a few thousands into crypto via Revolut once I was able to, and once it has started asking for my tax ID I got turned off from that idea completely and only use Revolut as a way to pay for taxis, hodling that crypto in up to 10k or more at this point.
  • For some mystical, intuitively guided reason transferred a few hundreds into crypto on PayPal once it started to offer that option just to user test that experience, again, stopped and turned off by tax ID requirement to manipulate that money…
  • I own more Newcoin than I can possibly count, maybe someday I will find out… Right, my lovely team? And hey it is growing.
  • I own a bunch of LUKSO coins but never assigned because I did not bother to bill that company for my work back in 2019, which I should probably do. Right?
  • I own much Unit for my active community engagement, but not even sure how to calculate it. Any ideas, Unit fam?
  • I own some Polkadot for holding space in June 2020 & cutting one of the co-founders hair in Dec. 2020… I did not bill her for this. Half joking.
  • I can go on my lovely loves but maybe I should not, I have already stirred up some drama, huh.. and someone I love asked me to stop producing it. The Drama. But… do you get an idea where I am going with it? Let me share just a bit more to keep you more excited:
  • So, how about the Balanced coin produced by Have I mentioned that before in my publicly shared writing? Well I am mentioning it now. Say hi to the most effective crypto in the whole Planet Earth that She is so, sooo thankful for. There is a lot, and more being minted each day non stop until I find a way to stop and it is oh so very DIFFERENT from any other coin out there because of a very simple fact that I am not gonna disclose right now. And if you own it, you know it is it. Lucky you. More about that in-person only.
  • The most peculiar fact is that all of it is growing y’all, for at least the next 5 years. Until 2027 things will go up. Then, by 2028 expect things to collapse dear ones because everything that we have built in terms of tech will be finished. Unless you own Balanced coin produced by Yours Truly. Mark my words, I am your crypto version of Baba Vanga, deal with it and feel free to pay me for now by transferring the ownership of your city properties for deeper psychic advice, during our 1:1. I accept 3–6 bedroom apartments and several story houses in key Balanced Culture Urban centers: Moscow, Lisbon, Athens, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and, ok, Basel. That is what I am focusing my Balanced Culture Fund on btw. More about that later (maybe, but most likely in-person), but you got the idea.