Because fashion drives crypto. Fashion drives what is cool. And crypto no longer needs a ride anywhere, crypto is tired of your time spent on screens while you are still forgetting where you stored that precious private key. Seriously, below is your guide for the growing hype and its decline. Change word fashion to crypto in your head and you will get where I am going with this whole narrative.

Screenwear is out, innerwear is in. That is the fact. Noone really cares about what you wear on or behind the screen, while everyone is affected by what you choose to wear within you, in other words, what is your emotional and mental health wardrobe. In this review we will not unwrap this idea yet but will give you clear examples of what is actually going on in the digital fashion world. Spoiler: a hyped-up digital waste generating mess that is affecting everyone’s mental health and how to be careful and hyper intentional when you are getting yourself into the space of digital fashion. And crypto. Because fashion is everything, even crypto. Which is scary and true.

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