Join Us on to Co-Create From 2030

By 2030 we are in the harmonious reality that we have synchronistically woven by sharing individuals’ and collective TRANSPARENT NEW LIFE stories & facilitated impactful human connections that powered up the creation of a conscious, harmonious, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Co-create a dynamically BALANCED HUMANITY by synthesizing human resources and technologies in a way that helps individuals and companies navigate through their own natural creative unfolding process and inspire synchronistic connections based on shared values, visions, skills and life paths for mutual support, collaboration & companionship.

Humanity has been out of balance for a long time. We live in fear of survival on the naturally abundant Earth, we focus on our differences and fight, as a result, we consume more than we need, we eat what makes our body sick, we work at jobs that we hate, we suffer from our relationships with others, we live in constant pain and run on old programming that has been implanted into us for generations. Each individual in’s tribe is set to bring Humanity to the point of its original design, where we awaken to our multidimensional nature and an innate knowing of the Oneness we all are, understand and follow Nature’s cycles, connect with the Source of Creation, remember our soul’s mission for this lifetime, recognize our unique skills and characteristics that help us on our path, effortlessly practice our Free Will, and authentically connect and co-create with fellow humans around us. is a collective consciousness embodied by a human named Nataliya that unites individuals on their ascension journey by utilizing a holistic database of resources such as people, companies, educational & healing centers, and non-profit organizations with an aim of organic co-creation and collaboration. tribe is on, decentralized collective consciousness technology that maps out a non-linear path of an individual’s return to Self and provides conscious collective support for visionaries, technologists, creators, entrepreneurs, designers, spiritual leaders, healers, coaches, intuitives, philosophers, teachers, and community igniters. The matching system is synchronistically based on the individuals’ point on the Path, character type, aesthetics & learning preferences and on the patterns from experiences of individuals who have gone through a similar path. network of the conscious collective helps woke humans accelerate their complete return to Self and align with their Higher Selves efficiently and sustainably, as well as provide a transparent, honest, and holistic mirror of the soul growth. Nataliya and our unified tribes are here to assist the Humanity in growing into self-love and inner world discovery, so that the world outside of us transforms as a result of that quantum inner-transformation from a duality perspective to unified point of view, from linear thinking & doing to non-linear being & intentional acting, from state of fear to the state of Unconditional love.

What we mean by Return to Self?
Return to Self is the journey of remembering that we are ONE, in the process of releasing and letting go of everything that blocks us from living and experiencing the state of a prosperous flow of love, joy, and peace. This process can be called healing, but we prefer to call it a journey because that is what life is — a journey, a game — something that is intended to be enjoyed and valued as a temporary experience of physical separation with the goal of exploring the ways of uniting & co-creating while fully by remembering that this reality is ultimately an illusion, although very masterfully, realistically manufactured. Once this understanding comes through, priorities in one’s life shift, the new values emerge and the new lifestyle is created. Nataliya and our integrated tribes help individuals tell stories of their “remembering” and connect those who have “remembered” with each other in synchronized co-creation of a more fun and healthier journey for ourselves and others, while remembering & honoring our Home, Mother Earth and All Living Beings on it.

IN 2020
MOST people are waking up and some might get lost on their journey, as there are a lot of influencers & spiritual imposters who share advice that is not energetically clean and ego-driven, which creates more trauma programming in the Collective. Connecting with these people results in losing time & energy (also potentially in the form of money), people turning away from spirituality (themselves) because they didn’t find what truly resonates or end up in toxic relationships, unable to step out or move on together, stuck on a blindspot roadblock in their mutual path in the shadows entanglement.

Businesses get crazy to get into consciousness movement’s “commercial success” and many times get stuck on the levels of ego that is attached to old school, material values — the programming that is crucial to releasing to enter into deeper layer of Unification. Woke employees/teammates/tribe members see that corporate collective shadow and move on to other groups & causes that resonate with their adjusted values more. Everyone grows, but in different paces and follows different paths. That is tricky to track unless we attempt seeing a big picture of the collective consciousness trends — which’s integrated tribes map provides on

We create, curate, and weave a network of conscious entrepreneurs, companies, and projects who resonate as TRUTH & LOVE. Those who have done an extensive healing work in the search of the Deepest Truth, living in a state of peace and create from their hearts. People who we feel safe to be ourselves around and those who we resonate with on a very deep, conscious, and authentic level. People who operate in the Unity Consciousness mindset.

An idea for’s Balanced Humanity Global Tribe came through as a result of a synchronized set of connections of the several events that brought real-life individuals, “alien friends” together, whose conversations opened up limitless possibilities of joyful exploration of the inner worlds and creation in the outer world by the process of building trust, sharing insights and exploring a variety of spaces of philosophy & ancient intelligence together. Story of unconditional love between HUMAN BEINGS traveling together in 5D that continues reflected in the collective. It is a truly collaborative effort and you are very welcome to co-create together with us if this message resonates — it’s your free choice to commit to being part of the conscious movement, together, as ONE.

NMVP Minimal Viable Podcast is a podcast that Nataliya and her tribe host, inviting people from around the world to join the public version of “ Spaceship” and travel into the depths of individuals’ and tribal stories of returning Home. You can listen to the podcast on Telegram Channel. To follow the Podcast, request directly to Nataliya to join — you will have to pass our collective energy test first. You might not be ready to comprehend this content just yet and that’s OK.

You are welcome to potentially hop on a complimentary 11-minute call with Nataliya, request to schedule it here. If you pass our energy test, after this call you will receive a personalized channeled message with some useful inner hacking tips, integrate that experience, and then decide whether you’d like to go deeper with us as a Unified Earth Member. I’m personally inviting you to take the next step towards creating what you truly desire in your life considering the given state of resources on our planet.

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